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Welcome!  Thank you for visiting our website.  SOMAD is a 501(c)3 dedicated to rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of small dogs.  We are based in Chattanooga, TN with a volunteer base from Georgia to Maryland. SOMAD was formed in 2015, but our Board members have many years of experience with rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming dogs.
We are an all volunteer organization and do not have a facility.  All of our dogs live in foster homes until they are adopted. Our dogs come in to rescue for various reasons although many were abandoned at high kill shelters in the southeast and others are surrendered to us by owners that can no longer care for them.  We are limited with taking in strays based on the local animal laws (check with your local shelter about your local rules regarding strays).  Our goal for each dog that comes through our homes is to be loved and treated as a member of the family.
All of our funding comes from donations and adoption fees.  Many of our dogs come from bad situations that require more than the typical vetting requirements.  Our adoption fees often do not cover the cost of vetting and physical care and we therefore rely on donations from our supporters.  Please consider making a donation of whatever denomiation is possible for you. No donation is too small!
Please come again and again to view our Adoptable Dogs, share in the happy adoption stories on our So Glad! page, get to know us on our About Us page and find out the different ways to Help Us!
You can find us on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Save-One-Make-A-Difference-SOMAD .  
Mouse is a sweet, cuddly little lady. At approximatey 5 yrs old, she was found as a stray running the streets and her family never came to find her.  She loves to sleep on the pillow of her foster home and is wildly happy whenever her foster parents arrive home.  She gets along with her canine foster brothers and sisters, but she doesn't like to share her pillow or her food.  She would be fine in a home without other dogs (not be lonely), but would be OK with other dogs as well. At only about 8 lbs, she will fit into any home!  If you are interested in Mouse, please email to donnanjames@comcast.net.
Very Special Partners
At SOMAD, we know that saving them all is not possible on our own.  We also believe that through the partnerships, the total is greater than the sum of the individual parts.  We have some incredible partnerships that deserve spotlights!
Dr Ruth Scott at Whiteway Animal Hospital in Decatur, GA has provided our rescue animals with loving medical care for several years. We rely on her experience, expertise and guidance on the health of our animals.  She has been an invaluable partner to SOMAD! 
Linda Gribben at Doodle Dawgs and Fabulous Felines   based in California, MD has been an invaluable partner.  Through her partnership, SOMAD is able to multiply its effectiveness and extend it's reach to the northern states.  SOMAD transfers several dogs to Doodle Dawgs every few weeks where they are able to find fantastic homes in the northeast.  Each dog is fully vetted before traveling so they are ready to meet potential new families after they have settled into Linda's home.  Linda has an awesome ability to find the perfect home for each dog.  We are also lucky to be able to call Linda a Board member of SOMAD where she contributes a wealth of knowledge through her decades of animal rescue experience.

Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital in Knoxville, TN provides outstanding specialty surgical services.  No matter what speical case we send to them, they are prepared with expert services to care for our most vulnerable rescues.  Their kindness and honesty makes them an important parter.

USA Dogs Bless You in Paris France make it possible through their partnerships to expand our adoption possibilities into a realm we did not think was possible!  Our combined efforts allow our adoption potential to expand across the oceans.  They continously send happy ending stories about dogs that have traveled to Paris to find a home. 
Special Thank You's
SOMAD would like to extend a special Thank Yous to some special partners.
Dr Matt Corse at Northlake Veterinary Surgery was Angel's Angel. He gave her a new life through the extra special veterinary care he provided.
Without our partners, we would not be as successful!!
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